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The Green Grind

Jun 13, 2023

Welcome to Episode 116 of The Green Grind Podcast! This week, we have the privilege of hosting Jonas Olson, the visionary owner of Turf Badger, located in Escanaba, MI.

In this episode, Jonas takes us on an incredible journey of growth and success. He shares how he transformed his business from generating $500,000 in revenue to an impressive $3.5 million, and his ambitious plans to reach $8 million this year. Get ready to be inspired by his entrepreneurial drive and strategic mindset.

Thirteen years ago, Jonas made a pivotal decision to sell his existing business and venture into the world of pest control and fertilization. It was a bold move that allowed him to start anew and pursue his passion with renewed vigor. Join us as he dives into the challenges, lessons, and triumphs of this transition and how it shaped Turf Badger into what it is today.

During the episode, Jonas reveals the key strategies and principles that fueled Turf Badger's rapid growth. From building a high-performing team to prioritizing exceptional customer service, he shares the secrets behind his success. Jonas also provides insights into the pest control and fertilization industry, offering valuable advice for those looking to make a similar switch or enhance their current services.

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