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The Green Grind

Apr 25, 2023

Welcome to episode 109 of The Green Grind Podcast! In this episode, we're excited to feature Tony Ricketts, owner of Lawnline Marketing. Tony shares the fascinating history behind his company, which started in 2016 but has roots that go back much further.

In 2007, Tony founded Ricketts Web Design, which provided website design, custom applications, and online marketing services to clients across various industries. However, after nine years of success and rapid growth, Tony realized that his team was spending too much time and resources learning about each client's industry. That's when he decided to focus on a single industry - the green industry.

After almost a year of planning and systems development, Lawnline Marketing was launched, providing high-end websites and marketing strategies for lawn and landscape companies. Since their launch, Lawnline Marketing has grown to serve over 200 customers across the United States, delivering impressive results for each and every client.

Tune in to hear Tony's journey and learn more about the innovative approaches that Lawnline Marketing takes to help lawn and landscape companies grow and succeed. Don't miss this inspiring episode of The Green Grind Podcast!

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