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The Green Grind

Aug 8, 2023

Welcome back to The Green Grind Podcast! In Episode 124, we sit down with Nolan Gore, a seasoned entrepreneur with deep roots in the landscaping industry. Born and raised in Austin, Nolan's journey began early as he witnessed his father's landscape entrepreneurship from a young age. Nolan's passion for landscaping led him to take the reins and spearhead rapid business growth for Top Choice Lawn Care. Tune in as he shares invaluable insights into the strategies and decisions that fueled the company's expansion under his leadership. One of the key aspects Nolan discusses is his experience working in a partnership. He candidly delves into the challenges they faced and the solutions they devised to overcome these obstacles, providing valuable lessons for entrepreneurs facing similar situations.Through the ups and downs of running a landscaping enterprise, Nolan's dedication to continuous improvement and learning becomes evident. Join us as he reveals the pivotal moments that shaped his approach to business and how he navigated through various hurdles to achieve success.

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