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The Green Grind

Jan 10, 2023

Welcome back to The Green Grind Podcast! This week Kory and LeRoy are talking with the one and only James Manske! He is a speaker, coach, and Amazon best-selling author of the book Thinking Horizontally. James became an entrepreneur at the age of ten and by age 15 he had launched a well-known lawn and landscape company (Elkhorn Lawn Care) with seven divisions. With more than 20 years in the industry, James has additionally built multiple successful businesses, including a real estate investment company and an innovative construction equipment manufacturing company. He is also a licensed commercial real estate broker. Listen in as James shares his wealth of business expertise and industry experience! As always be sure to like and follow The Green Grind Podcast socials to stay up to date on all the latest green grind content! Stay safe and Keep Grind'n Friends!

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