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The Green Grind

Apr 23, 2024

In episode 161 of The Green Grind Podcast, hosts Kory and LeRoy bring listeners up to speed on the latest developments in their businesses and the dynamic landscape of the lawn care industry this spring. Join them as they candidly discuss the ins and outs of hiring the right people and the unique challenges they're currently facing.

As entrepreneurs deeply rooted in the green industry, Kory and LeRoy offer invaluable perspectives on recruiting and retaining top talent in the competitive market. From navigating hiring processes to fostering a culture of excellence, they share personal anecdotes and practical strategies to empower fellow business owners.

But that's not all – delve deeper into the episode to uncover their insights on industry trends, market shifts, and the pulse of lawn care enthusiasts nationwide. With their finger on the industry's pulse, Kory and LeRoy provide a refreshing blend of expertise and real-world experience that's sure to resonate with listeners of all backgrounds.

Whether you're grappling with staffing dilemmas or eager to stay ahead of the curve in lawn care, this episode is a must-listen. Join Kory and LeRoy as they unpack the nuances of running a successful business in the green space and offer actionable advice to propel your endeavors forward.

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