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The Green Grind

Feb 20, 2024

In episode 152 of The Green Grind Podcast, hosts Kory and LeRoy delve into the world of landscaping and lawn care innovation with a special guest from Charlotte, NC. Join them as they welcome Jacob Rasmussen, the visionary behind Corner Stone Landscaping and Lawn Care, and the inventive mind responsible for MagTarp. Discover Jacob's fascinating journey in the lawn care industry, from humble beginnings to pioneering solutions.

Get ready to explore the genesis of MagTarp, a groundbreaking product revolutionizing the way professionals handle landscaping tasks. Learn how Jacob's collaboration with Kory and Ballard Products transformed an idea into a practical solution. Whether you're a lawn care enthusiast, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply intrigued by innovative solutions, this episode offers insights, inspiration, and a glimpse into the future of lawn care innovation.

Tune in to Episode 152 for an engaging conversation that celebrates creativity, determination, and the power of collaboration in shaping the landscape of tomorrow.

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