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The Green Grind

Feb 13, 2024

In this episode of The Green Grind Podcast, we sit down with Blake Albertson, the dynamic owner of B&B Lawn Care based in Kansas City. Blake, a prominent figure in the green industry with a significant presence on social media, takes us through his remarkable business journey since his last appearance on the show.

Tune in as Blake discusses his recent acquisitions and the strategic decisions that have propelled his business to more than double its size. Through candid insights, Blake shares how maintaining open communication with his team and his wife has been instrumental in affirming these pivotal decisions.

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking inspiration or a green industry enthusiast, this episode offers invaluable lessons on growth, communication, and seizing opportunities. Don't miss out on this compelling conversation with Blake Albertson, packed with actionable insights and wisdom for success in the lawn care business and beyond.

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