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The Green Grind

Jan 9, 2024

Welcome to Episode 146 of the Green Grind Podcast, where we delve into the inspiring story of Michael Garvey, a full-time New Jersey State Trooper and the entrepreneurial mind behind Coastal Fertilizer & Weed Control. Join hosts Kory, Michael, and LeRoy as they sit down with Michael to explore the intricate balance between his demanding career in law enforcement and his thriving side hustle.

In this episode, listeners will gain insights into Michael's journey—unveiling the challenges and triumphs of juggling a full-time profession while passionately managing a successful business. From the dynamics of law enforcement to the intricacies of running a fertilizer and weed control venture, Michael shares his experiences and sheds light on what it truly takes to navigate the dual responsibilities.

Tune in to the Green Grind Podcast to discover the mindset, strategies, and resilience that fuel Michael's ability to excel both in uniform and as an entrepreneur. Whether you're fascinated by the world of law enforcement or eager to uncover the secrets of running a flourishing side hustle, this episode promises a deep dive into the green landscapes of Michael Garvey's life and career. Don't miss out on this captivating conversation that explores the intersection of duty, passion, and entrepreneurship.

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