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The Green Grind

May 16, 2023

Welcome back to The Green Grind Podcast Episode 112! This week we're keeping things closer to home. Departing from our usual line-up of industry guests, we've decided to turn the spotlight onto one of our own. This week, Kory is stepping into the role of interviewer, inviting fellow host LeRoy Mains to share his entrepreneurial journey. LeRoy, the driving force behind Brilliant Borders, a blossoming lawn care and landscaping company, offers a fascinating glimpse into his professional life. This intriguing conversation uncovers the origins of Brilliant Borders, the hurdles overcome, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Promising to be a goldmine of knowledge for fellow entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and enthusiasts, this episode provides insights into the realities of business expansion, leadership dynamics, and the unyielding passion that nurtures the lawn care and landscaping industry. Join us for this special episode as we flip the script on The Green Grind Podcast. It's not just about discussing the grind; it's about experiencing it.

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